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The following guide describes all the various features found in the ContractSuite system and their explanations of use and configuration.

With ContractSuite’s features you can manage contracts with ease and monitor your company ‘s performance in real time. Discover them all and stress-free plan your company’s future and anticipate strategic decisions.


It is the perfect tool to get a real-time, in-depth view of the value and risk profile of the agreements entered into.

It files documents easily and monitors them with defined and auditable processes; it also alerts you to each expiring contract so you can avoid unpleasant delays in renewals.

Human Resources:

By integrating the organizational structure with administrative processes, it simplifies recurring activities by ensuring that you can manage your staff immediately and intuitively.

Each employee has his or her own personnel file containing all documents related to master data, employment contract and assigned assets.

All expense reports are collected in one neat area saving you considerable time on audits and significantly reducing the margin for error.

Administration and finance:

Analyze costs and revenues by aggregating them by business area, job order, or organizational unit.

Thanks to the dynamic management of costs and revenues, you will be able to have the economic and financial budget up-to-date at all times, so you can easily measure the effectiveness of the strategic actions taken and know the exact volume of revenue your business needs.


Get an instant overview of progress for each client, deals issued, and actions to be taken. By automating repetitive tasks, you can work only to the satisfaction of your customers

Management control:

Upload and extract your invoices, synchronize bank accounts, and automatically reconcile transactions.

With this solution, tracking deadlines, billing and daily operations become fast and dynamic activities.

Cash flow & reporting:

Analyze commitments and balances to build a reliable overview of your business’ performance.

By tracking real time differences between the current situation and forecasts, you will be able to detect changing trends immediately and remedy them quickly


ContractSuite’s System Dashboard allows the user with privileges, to view key information related to the company’s performance, one can analyze by viewing counters and graphs: the number of sales contracts nearing expiration, outstanding active invoices, past due accounts payable cycle payments, the balance in one’s bank account, etc.
Also graphically displayed are operating cash flow, actual and forecast chash flow, marginality for the past 12 months, as well as other graphs related to invoices active cycle, passive cycle.

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