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Alot sceglie CS

Alot Ltd. chooses ContractSuite

Alot S.r.l. chooses ContractSuite for company management.

Milan, March 13, 2024

Alot s.r.l. a company specializing in logistics consulting, mobility and European sustainability projects , has selected ContractSuite as its cloud-based software solution for managing the company, automating the company’s governance and control systems.

Alot adopted ContractSuite for the exclusive purpose of having a comprehensive business commitment management platform that can provide visibility into contractual commitments, financial planning and cash requirements.

DigitalSuite ‘s ContractSuite platform will support Alot 360° in the management of the company by allowing it to govern, with a single tool, the entire company: from monitoring contracts and orders, through the activation of the HR module, to the management of the active and passive cycle, taking advantage of all the forecasting potential made available by ContractSuite.

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