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Online webinar Why do companies fail?

Online webinar Why do companies fail?

Social and regulatory impacts of business crisis.

How to prevent difficulties and maintain the organizational and financial efficiency of the company.

The reasons for business failure can be many and complex, but the main causes are financial problems, lack of strategic planning, management problems, competition and market changes.

Business crisis can have a significant impact on society and the economy at large, with serious consequences such as loss of jobs, reduction in production and services, impact on supplies, public finances, and the reputation of the company and workers.

For these reasons, it is important for companies to be able to anticipate the crisis effectively to minimize the negative consequences for all stakeholders involved.

We discussed this on May 16, 2023 during the online webinar Why Businesses Fail scheduled at 2:30 pm.


– Welcome – Roberto Portelli (Managing Director DigitalSuite Italy).

– Why do companies fail? – Dr. Michele La Torre (Partner Studio La Torre Associati, head of Training Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts of Messina).

– Business crisis, social and regulatory impact – Lawyer Francesco Fiorillo (Fiorillo Law Firm, Consumers Associates).

– Solutions – Roberto Portelli (Managing Director DigitalSuite Italy).

You can watch the recording HERE

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